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Our Dance Floors:

Black & White Checkered

Our Black & White Checkered dance floor is the most popular for a reason, it's the classic.

Available in 15' x 15' to 24' x 24' configurations.


White Oak

Our White Oak dance floor looks good in photos, but must be seen in person to really appreciate how it elevates the look of any venue space. 

Available in 15' x 15' to 24' x 24' configurations.


Sizes Available

15' x 15' - 150 Guest Count          21' x 21' - 250 Guest Count

18' x 18' - 200 Guest Count         24' x 24' - 300+ Guest Count

For an in-depth look at our Black & White Checkered Floor please visit our YouTube Channel


How long does it take to install the dance floor?

This depends on the size of the dance floor that is booked. Because our dance floor panels are lighter than most, install time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. Prior to our arrival for installation, a level indoor space free of debris must be open for us to place the floor on. 

How long does it take to remove the dance floor?

We can have our floor removed in an hour or less once dancing has concluded. For safety and efficiency, all guests must be off of the dance floor prior to the removal process beginning.

Can our venue place tables and chairs on the dance floor before dancing begins?

Yes, as long as both have "feet" on their legs to prevent scratches or marks on our dance floor. After tables and chairs are removed, the venue may need to sweep or spot mop the dance floor before any dancing begins to remove any liquids or debris that may have fallen onto the floor.

Can we use your dance floor outside?

Unfortunately no, all of our current dance floors are for indoor use only. No exceptions.

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