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Lawn Games


This enhancement includes up to 6 fun lawn games: Ladder Toss, Cornhole, Jenga, Ring Toss, Washers, & Connect 4


  • Lawns

  • Patios

  • Decks

  • Courtyards

  • Indoors


We'll have our Lawn Games set up for your entire reception unless there isn't sufficient outdoor lighting. 


Lawn Games are a great addition to your event because they encourage interaction between your guests with competitive fun! And because we include audio, your guests won't miss announcements or music from the dance floor.

A great addition to your cocktail hour, or for the entire reception. These classic games will allow your guests to engage in friendly competition and establish a fun & relaxed atmosphere. This add-on also includes audio so your guests don't miss any announcements or music from the dance floor! 
Games Included: Ladder Toss, Cornhole, Jenga, Ring Toss, Washers, & Connect 4

*Can only be booked with one of our DJ or Photo Booth Packages


What audio is included now?

We'll wirelessly transmit the audio from our main sound system near the dance floor to another speaker located with the lawn games. Your guests will be able to enjoy the music being played and hear any announcements so they don't miss anything while playing the games.

What if our venue doesn't have outdoor lighting for us to continue play after dark?

Once it becomes too dark outside for guests to enjoy the lawn games, we'll pack them up and invite guests to join the fun on the dance floor!

Do you provide any outdoor lighting for the lawn games?

We do not. All outdoor lighting is dependant on your venue. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend consulting your venue before booking.

*All of our packages and enhancement options are subject to venue conditions. Venue condtions include but are not limited to: available power, height of ceilings, lighting of the venue (natural or otherwise), size of dance floor, the heating/cooling system of the venue, venue rules and policies, decor, etc.
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