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Photo Montage


We'll create a photo montage slideshow using your provided digital pictures and display it on up to two of our 65" HD Screens.


  • Indoors

  • On either side of the head table

  • Near the dance floor

  • In a foyer


We can craft a 3-6 minute photo montage set to a song of your choice, or we can create a looped slideshow to display throughout the night.


Your guests will smile while taking a trip down memory lane with you as they watch your photo montage tell the story of how your love came to be!

You provide the photos, we provide the professional photo montage slideshow displayed during your event! Your story can be presented during dinner, or looped throughout the night on our 65" HD Screen(s).

*Can only be booked with one of our DJ Packages


How many photos can I have in my photo montage?

Up to 100 for a looped slideshow displayed throughout the night. The number of photos for a montage set to a song will depend on the length of the song. An average number in this case would be 50.

What determines how many screens our montage will be displayed on?

The size and layout of your venue. We'll discuss this when planning the details of your event and agree on the number (1 or 2) at least one week before your event. 

How can I get my photos to you?

There are several online options including sharing a Google Drive folder, or uploading them to DropBox and providing us with the link. Alternatively you can place them on a USB Drive and mail it to us. If there is a more convenient option, we're open to hearing about it!

*All of our packages and enhancement options are subject to venue conditions. Venue condtions include but are not limited to: available power, height of ceilings, lighting of the venue (natural or otherwise), size of dance floor, the heating/cooling system of the venue, venue rules and policies, decor, etc.
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