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Retro Booth (Retro Photo Booth)


Our Retro Booth is an enclosed style photo booth that allows up to 4 guests to join in for 3-4 photos per session. 


  • Wedding Receptions

  • Corporate Events

  • Holiday Parties

  • School Events


By default our Retro Booth includes 4 Hours of coverage. When booked with one of our DJ packages, we'll match the timeframe of the entire event. 


We don't limit the number of prints your guests can receive after each session. If 4 guests are in the group, we want all 4 to have their own high quality print!

What to Expect

Guests will be invited to grab a prop or two and then enter our enclosure to be seated in front of a backdrop. After everyone is ready, we'll capture 3-4 photos with a 3 second delay between each to allow guests to reposition. Once the photos are all taken, our high quality photo printer goes to work to provide each guest a 2"x6" photo strip or a 4"x6" photo. Additionally guests will be able to use a QR Code to download their photos to their smartphone via our cloud sharing service. Guests are free to share their digital photos anyway they'd like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Is there a limit on the number of guests per session?

Inside the booth enclosure will be 2 chairs and we suggest a maximum of 4 guests for a comfortable experience. As long as everyone is comfortable and in frame, we'll begin the session. 

Where do the photos go? How do I get them?

Photos are uploaded to our cloud sharing service after each session. As our client, you'll receive a link to that online gallery enabling you to download all of the photos from your event. As a guest, you'll receive a print and be able to access a digital copy using a QR Code to download your photo from our cloud service.  Don't worry if you don't have your phone handy after your session. We'll keep a gallery QR Code on the prop table so you'll be able to come back later to download your photo.

How much space is needed for setting this up?

Preferably, a 8 foot by 8 foot space along a wall is appropriate for us to set up our Retro Booth. We'll also need a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet to accommodate the height of our enclosure. If you're unsure about the space you have available, we are happy to discuss room layouts and venue space on an individual basis during our consultation.

Can you set up the Retro Booth outdoors?

As a general rule, no. Factors like wind, sunlight, and moisture can all negatively impact the quality of our Retro Booth experience. However, we are happy to discuss your needs and setup situation on an individual basis during our consultation.

Can I provide my own backdrop?

Absolutely! We encourage the creativity of our clients to really make their photo booth experience unique.  During our planning process we'll work out all of the necessary details to help bring your photo booth vision to life.

*All of our packages and enhancement options are subject to venue conditions. Venue condtions include but are not limited to: available power, height of ceilings, lighting of the venue (natural or otherwise), size of dance floor, the heating/cooling system of the venue, venue rules and policies, decor, etc.
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