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This enhancement includes up to 3 rounds of 20 trivia questions. Questions can be multiple choice or fill in the blank. Pictures, movie clips, and music can be used as well.


  • Main dining area

  • Dance floor

  • Reception space

  • Event center


Depending on your guest count and number of teams, trivia will last between 90 to 120 minutes. Best played after dinner before the dance floor opens for maximum participation.


  • We can customize the theme and questions of your trivia enhancement.

  • Guests will see trivia content on a 65" HD Screen.

  • Answers can be given using dry-erase paddles until the final round when buzzers will be used.

You already have your guests at numbered tables, why not call each table a trivia team? We'll facilitate a Trivia Night style game complete with questions on a 65" HD Screen, dry-erase paddles for team answers, and wireless buzzers for the final round!

*Can only be booked with one of our DJ Packages


Why don't you use a trivia app?

Unfortunately not every venue has dependable internet access, even via cell phone coverage. Our more traditional method of facilitating trivia will make sure everyone has a good time without worrying about unforeseen technical issues.

Can I pick the theme? Questions? Topic?

Once we complete the booking process and transition into planning, we'll discuss your expectations for trivia content to ensure it matches the vibe of your event. You're welcome to choose an appropriate theme, questions, or topics.

Are there any prizes included for the trivia winners?

That is completely up to you. If you'd like prizes to be given to the winners, you'll need to provide them.

*All of our packages and enhancement options are subject to venue conditions. Venue condtions include but are not limited to: available power, height of ceilings, lighting of the venue (natural or otherwise), size of dance floor, the heating/cooling system of the venue, venue rules and policies, decor, etc.
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