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Uplighting (Lightscaping)


This enhancement provides uplighting with a variety of colors, including color changing options that change with the beat of the music!


  • Accent Wall

  • Wedding Head table

  • Entire Venue Space


We'll strategically place our uplighting to accent key features of the venue space like fireplaces, pillars, curtains, etc.


We'll match our uplighting to your wedding colors, then allow the colors to change as they go along with the music when dancing begins.

Add class to the ambience of any venue with uplighting accents that are fully customizable to your color preference. They'll add depth and a personal touch to your event by painting the room with light. We'll keep them your color of choice until the dance floor opens and that is when the fun begins! Because we control all of our LED lights wirelessly with computer software, these uplights will turn the entire room into a dance floor when we sync them with the beat of the music!

*Can only be booked with one of our DJ Packages


Do you need to run cords everywhere for the lights?

No, all of our uplights are battery powered and communicate with our lighting software wirelessly.

How many colors can I choose from?

Our uplights can achieve close to 6 million different color variations including true white, orange, and UV.

How many uplights are included with this enhancement?

Up to 12 (depending on venue space) are included by default, but you can upgrade to a maximum of 24 for an additional fee.

*All of our packages and enhancement options are subject to venue conditions. Venue condtions include but are not limited to: available power, height of ceilings, lighting of the venue (natural or otherwise), size of dance floor, the heating/cooling system of the venue, venue rules and policies, decor, etc.
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